Quality Hemp Seeds
From a Team You Can Trust.

Yurok Agricultural Corporation has Partnered with Humboldt’s premier seed company
to bring you feminized hemp seeds.

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Fortunately, we are located in a region that has a many labs with a history of cannabinoid analysis. We understand the rigorous testing that your farm may be subjected to.

Two Snakes Seed Team

Commitment of Excellence

We are committed to providing real COA’s for our seeds parental lineages, germination rates and realistic predictions of your harvest levels and cannabinoid production in your regions.

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Maximum Return
Per Acre

We are dedicated to helping you maximize your revenue per acre by producing high quality, high terpene, CBD rich feminized hemp seed that will far exceed your crop expectations.

Feminized Hemp CBD Seeds

All of our seeds are free of solvents, pesticides, and herbicides. Our seeds are bred by experts on Tribal Trust Land on the Yurok Reservation in Northern California. Our seeds are produced under the provisions of Yurok Law in accordance with an approved USDA Hemp plan. Our seeds are guaranteed to produce at their highest potential.

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Feminized Hemp CBD Seeds

The Yurok Tribe has partnered with Humboldt’s premier seed company to bring you high quality CBD seeds that are:

  • Rigorously Tested

  • All Seeds Under .3% THC as Required by Federal Regulation

  • Free of Solvents, Pesticides, and Herbicides

  • In Accordance With The Approved USDA Hemp plan

  • Certificates of Analysis (COA’s)

  • Experienced Breeders

  • Organic Methods Used

  • Produced by Environmental Stewards

  • Superior Quality Maximize Growth Potential

  • High Terpene Content

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